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Business Law
Personal Injury
Medical Negligence
Workman's Compensation
Family Law

Representation in state and federal courts, including trail and post-trial (appeal) work in a variety of cases.


Advice and representation in matters involving the formation of a business, business operations, the procurements of licenses, disputes between business partners, suing or defending business partners and businesses in court.


Representation in situations where a person suffers injury to their body, including death; these injuries may have occurred as a result of:

  • Car Crashes;

  • Animal Bites/Attacks;

  • Slip and Fall Incidents;

  • Premises Liability;

  • Product Liability;

  • Professional Negligence; and

  • Other incidents.  


Representation of victims of errors and omissions committed by doctors, nurses,

hospitals, pharmacists, and other medical providers.


Representation of workers who have suffered injuries in the course of

performing their jobs.

Legal advice and representation in matters including the division of marital property, spousal support, and matters involving the support of children.


Legal advice and representation in matters

involving traffic violations, municipal code violations, various citations, procurement of permits, licenses, etc.

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